July 10, 2013

Our organization seeks to promote its objectives through the following: 

Tours and Travels 
Nigeria is endowed with a rich history and vast historical sites where major events took place centuries ago. Cities such as Benin, Calabar, Asaba, Arochukwu, Zaria, Kano, Benue, Lagos, to mention a few, boast of amazing tourist attractions traced back to historic origins. Benin, for instance, is renowned for its moats, not forgetting its rich Bronze and Brass works; Calabar, is notable for its colonial architecture; Kano, a foremost trade centre. Thus, we shall travel to these cities in other to capture first-hand from the people the fascinating stories of the events which occurred there. On the other hand, we believe it is also important for our children to appreciate the major turning points in our history to help shape their thinking and inspire an attitude channeled towards nation building. To this end, we shall engage in school tours and special tours for students and Nigerians, respectively. We shall also organize tours for visitors who are fascinated by Nigerian history and heritage. 

Art Fairs 

These are avenues through which established artists, up-coming artists, fashion designers and other creative minds can come together to showcase their creativity and indigenous talent. These art fairs will provide the artists the enabling environment for easy networking and marketing of their craft. It is hoped that this will be an annual event. 

Indigenous-Dress Events 

In the bid to promote our heritage, the Save our Treasures Heritage Foundation will organize dress events geared towards promoting our heritage. As a nation with about 250 ethnic groups, the cultural diversity in Nigerian indigenous dressing needs to be celebrated and shown to the world. Such events will also give upcoming designers the opportunity to market their creativity and talent. 


These are platforms for sharing ideas and rubbing minds on the state of the Nigerian tourism industry. Considering that tourism is yet to thrive in Nigeria, these workshops will be used to thinker and formulate creative and innovative ways of harnessing our huge tourism potential for sustainable development. 

Community Service- Though we are a purely tourism-promoting organization, we shall also embark on community service as way as giving a little something extra to the society. Our focus in this regard will be environmental work.